Water Based
Protecting more
than you think

Blygold PoluAl WB – HVAC/R coil protection

Blygold has developed pioneering coatings specifically for HVAC corrosion protection. From the very beginning Blygold has always focused on corrosion protection for heat exchangers.

Different types of corrosion such as galvanic or pitting rapidly decrease the heat exchange efficiency of coils and the efficiency of the total HVAC equipment.

In the quest for more efficient air-conditioning equipment several innovations have increased the nominal efficiency of heat exchanger coils. With the introduction of enhanced fins, increased fin density, adiabatic systems and micro channels not only the nominal efficiency has increased but also pollution and corrosion vulnerability. High pressure failures, early replacements and increased power consumption can be prevented with the right preventive and corrective measures. Protecting these heat exchangers calls for specialists. The geometry makes the application of coatings complicated and the need for heat transfer excludes standard coating systems.

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Special product

A water based product with corrosion inhibiting ingredients and high content of aluminium pigmentation for diffusion control and heat conductivity. Improved wetting on hydrophobic surfaces makes the product very surface tolerant (compared to other water-based coatings). High corrosion and UV resistance.

  • Heat conductive
  • 4000+ hours salt spray test
  • UV resistance
  • Layer (30 µm) to prevent pressure drop
  • Highly Flexible

A good product is just half the job,
the application is just as important!

The application

A good coating will only perform when applied in a high-quality process. Coating heat exchangers requires specialists that are able to apply the coating on every piece of bare metal present in a heat exchanger. Blygold uses proprietary spray techniques that can only be practiced by certified applicators. These qualified applicators are essential to realize a corrosion resistant and maintenance friendly heat exchanger. Blygold coating application is preferably done in a conditioned Blygold workshop but is, under restricted circumstances, also possible on-site.

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